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Last Update 12/04/17

South Wales area of the Worlds Largest Independent Club for Lotus enthusiasts

Next Event 

Club Night  Thursday 13th April

Drive Run to Barry. 

Meet at the Ty Nant at 7:30pm Drive Run to Dominic's workshop in Barry to have a look at the projects he is working on. Then to the Cherry Orchard Pub on Barry Road. 

It may be worth some people going straight to Dominic's work shop as that might be more convenient than going to the Ty Nant first.  Please contact me for his address if you can't make it to the Tynant.

Thanks Kirk.

Proposed Upcoming Events,

How about this place for the two day event this year?  

3th-4th June.  Saturday drive around Exmoor, stopping at a few places of interest.  Sunday Haynes museum breakfast meet and look around the museum.  Drive back with meal on route.  I've got a preliminary route for the Saturday which looks promising.

Interested ?, email Kirk from our contacts page. 


Williams Automobiles Open Day. 

Dear members, from Rob Ford.

Could you please respond by e-mail to me to let me know if you are
coming to The Williams Automobiles open day on Saturday 20 May 2017.

I need to correlate numbers now in advance to prepare to cater for
numbers on the day.

Important note, please bring your driving licence with you on Saturday
20 May 2017 as we will need this i.d. to allow you to test drive the

Any queries to:

Rob Ford.